Monster Hunter World Review

In Monster Hunter World you’ll find yourself creating a character and a little cat helper, and then dropping into missions to take down large and powerful monsters alone, or with up to 3 other players in online co-op.

When you’re dropped into one of the enormous maps, you will need to track the monster and find it. Exploring the locales is, for the most part, a joy, as the maps are varied with lots of gathering points and shortcuts to find along the way.

The monsters are huge, and with that huge size comes slow, but powerful attacks. These attacks have the potential to take a huge chunk of your healthbar out, so the player needs to use careful positioning or make use of the dodge-roll. The invulnerability window on the roll is extremely short, so extreme precision is required, although the iframes can be extended with gear once you get further into the game.

Monster Hunter World Screenshot
Attacking a Barroth with a Gunlance

As with the monsters, many of the weapons in the game have attacks that take time to execute. Even the faster weapons have longer multi-hit animations that can’t be broken out of. As such, the player needs to time their attacks well to come out on top. Speaking of weapons, there are 14 types to choose from, each offering a different style of play, which gives a great deal of variety in the game if you choose to mix it up.

In addition to beating the story, as an additional longer-term goal, the player has a huge amount of weapons and armor to craft, which gives incentive to fight the same monster more than once. In the later-part of the game you might need to fight the same monster 5 or so times in order to get everything you need, which might feel tedious and grindy for some.

Monster Hunter World Screenshot
A Fearsome Legiana flies by

Although the monster accessible Monster Hunter game to date, there are still some roadblocks for new players. Every aspect of Monster Hunter is complicated. In battle you have to manage health, stamina, weapon sharpness or ammo types. Tracking the monster, managing inventory, learning the map, and then the combat itself can all be intimidating when starting out. Outside of a mission, the town has multiple NPCs that provide services to the player, and although experienced players will have no trouble getting around, the sheer amount of places to go for what you need can again be confusing to a new player. In addition to this, the town acts as the lobby system for online games, however other players are not visible in town unless they meet in the “gathering hub”, which is a smaller area that doesn’t have all the features of the main town.

According to a lot of reviews on Steam, there are optimisation issues and slowdowns in the game that are affecting a lot of players, however I have a beast of a machine, and I have my settings set very high and am not having any trouble with this. Additionally, the online issues that were plaguing the game at launch have now been resolved. I havent experienced an online error in the game since the initial online fix patch.

Monster hunter Screenshot
The fight with new monster Nergigante is terrifying

In summary, Monster Hunter World is a brilliantly fun game, either alone or with friends. If close range combat with swords hammers and axes is something that you enjoy, chances are you’ll get a great deal of enjoyment out of Monster Hunter World.

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