Heroes of Hammerwatch Review

Heroes of Hammerwatch is an Indie Roguelite action RPG.

Its an entertaining multiplayer co-op game that also plays well in single player, with the game balancing not just enemy HP and damage values, but also enemy spawns and boss abilities depending on player count.

It’s not expected that you will beat the game on the first run, as the monsters are strong and in large numbers, but whilst playing through, you can send your money back to town, and level up your character, which you can use to make your character permanently stronger to get further through the dungeon.

When first starting the game, you will need to chose from one of the 4 starting heroes. In addition to these 4 starting characters, there are 3 more to unlock, providing a lot of replayability to the game if you enjoy the gameloop of ascending that dungeon to slay the final boss.

Heroes of Hammerwatch Screenshot
Pixel Art with modern lighting makes a good mix

In addition to a primary attack, you will also have a secondary skill which will allow you to do extra damage or give you some other utility in combat. As you level up, you unlock skillpoints which allow you purchase new skills and upgrade the ones you already have. The news skills are mapped to Q and E, or Mouse 4 and 5 by default, which I personally found quite comfortable. Each character has their own unique skills giving each a unique playstyle.

The combat involves defeating packs of enemies, whilst dodging dungeon traps and weaving your way around the mini-bosses that appear on the third floor of each act. If you do happen to die whilst playing multiplayer, you can be resurrected immediately by another player, sapping their remaining health in half, and giving you that amount. Once revived, you will be soul-bound to that character, so if you die, you take them with you, and vice versa. Its a great way to allow a roguelite have multiplayer without making the game too easy to complete.

Heroes of Hammerwatch Screenshot
Battles can get hectic

At the end of each act, there is a boss to defeat which gates progress to the next floor. The bosses are powerful, and have a lot of health, and are usually a struggle to beat the first time you come up against them.

When you do finally complete the game, Heroes of Hammerwatch offers a NewGame+ feature, giving the enemies new abilities and more health and damage. It’s a great way to keep the game going if you’re still having fun with it when you do manage to topple the final boss. In addition to this, beating the game in NewGame+ will unlock an extra level of difficulty, and so on and so forth, meaning that there is a lot of longevity in this game if you enjoy the gameplay.

Heroes of Hammerwatch screenshot
The portal challenge rooms have their own visual style

In Summary; Heroes of Hammerwatch is incredible fun to get on and play with your friends, but can be enjoyable to play solo too. If you’re a fan of action-rpgs, or are looking for a new game to satisfy that dungeon-crawling itch, Heroes of Hammerwatch should deliver the goods.

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