Steam and Humble Store now selling in AUD

Gamers from Australia might notice some changes to the Humble and Steam Stores today: They’re both now selling in AUD.

Steam prices showing AUD
Steam prices showing AUD

Now we can see the exact price that we’re going to pay for a game without having to worry about doing a mental conversion, and don’t have to worry about those payment methods that add a conversion fee.

Some of you might be worried that now that we have our own currency showing in the store, however, even though we were previously purchasing in USD, the games we purchased were still subject to their own region pricing, meaning that we still got hit with the ever-present Australian Tax, and this change won’t make any difference to region-specific pricing.


The Humble Fall sale has started already, and the Steam sale is due to start tomorrow (22nd November for Australians). 

Steam Sale Image
Click the image to go to the Steam store!
Humble Fall Sale
Click the image to go to the Humble store!

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