Supergiant Games announces Hades| Available on Epic Store

This week Epic Games announced that they would be launching their own store with an 88 / 12 split, giving developers 88% of the revenue. When this news hit, the team here speculated internally on how much it would impact Steam’s vice grip on the market, and how long it would take for changes to take place.

Enter Hades, Supergiant’s newest title, announced today, and, surprisingly, only available for purchase on the Epic Games Store here.  If you’re not familiar with Supergiant Games, they released Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, all INCREDIBLE games with fantastic soundtracks. The team here are huge fans of all of the games, and take this as a passive recommendation to play them immediately, even before we go back and give them a review to tell you all about how great they are.

Hades Screenshot
Hades looks great!

We don’t know if Hades will be hitting Humble and Steam stores at a later date, or if this exclusive release is going to stay exclusive forever, but this is a very notable indie developer making a bold move so soon after the store’s announcement. Even if the general gamer doesn’t know who Supergiant are, every aspiring indie developer does, and this move certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Whilst browsing the store for ourselves, we also noticed that Ashen, reviewed as part of our PAX 2018 Indie Roundup is also on offer on the Epic Store here. This product does have a Steam page, but currently cannot be purchased or played there. Very strange when Ashen has been announced as officially released by the publishers themselves, unless of course, that massive difference in developer revenue is a deciding factor.

All in all, it looks as though Epic Games is going to be shaking things up in the PC gaming world. It will be interesting to see just how much by, and in what timeframe.

GameHEART would also like to take this opportunity to note that as of right now, the team here receive no funding, free games, sponsorship or quid pro quo of any kind for talking about games, nor linking store pages. We will be sure to list this information somewhere easily visible when that changes. We are saying when, because currently the Epic store has a support-a-creator program that we feel we would be a great fit for, when we become eligible. This program provides approximately 5% of the revenue from a given purchase if an affiliate link is used. Again, we don’t have it now, and will be up-front with everyone when we do.

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