Pinny Arcade Freebies 2019!

PAX AUS is fast approaching! Are you going to collect the pins that are available? I’ve compiled a list of the free ones below:

Best Friend Pin:
Keep an eye out at @bffgame on Twitter, and starcolt_hq on Instagram, to be in to win a VERY SMALL selection of Best Friend Pins per day. You can claim from Booth #PR07.

Projection: First Light Pin:
Available at the Blowfish Studios Booth #PR03 with the completion of a game demo and signing up for our newsletter.

Party Popper: Spikyboi Pin:
Each day at 1 pm will have a 1-hour “Beat the Devs Challenge” session at the Giant Margarita booth #37 for a pin giveaway.

Fall Guys Pin:
Play Fall Guys at the Devolver Digital booth #11440.

Pinny Arcade Free Pins
These are the free pins on offer

GameMelbourne Pin:
A select amount of pins will be available each day at the Marc O Matic’s booth #28 for attendees that download Marc O Matic’s app and play with the presented artwork.

The Pin Chicken:
Available to trade with PAX Aus ReedPOP Staff at times and places that will be announced via PAXAus on twitter.

Doom Slayer’s Club Pin:
Three potential ways to get this one:

  • Available for the first 50 people to attend the Bethesda Trivia panel, Friday 4:30 pm
  • The first 150 people to attend the Top Tips for Surviving Hell: DOOM Eternal Live Playthrough, Friday 7:30 pm.
  • Trading with selected Bethesda staff throughout PAX AUS.

World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Pin:
To claim the pin:

  • Experience Overwatch Legendary Edition on the Nintendo Booth #1800
  • Play a game of Hearthstone at the Handheld Gaming Lounge, then
  • Head to the Razer Booth #3220 and toast to World of Warcraft.

Completing these tasks also enters you into the draw for a Blizzard Prize Pack.

Prescribed Respawn Pin
Attend selected PAX panel sessions, be sure to see one of Evil Corporation & Born and Thread Reps at the end of the session to claim a stamp; three stamps and you get a Prescribed Respawn Pin.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pin:
Play the Pokemon Sword and Shield demo at PAX, and choose your starter to earn a pin of your chosen starter!

The Pokemon Starter Pins
The Starter Pins

My Nintendo Pin:
Log into using your Nintendo Account. On the menu on the left, select Check In to get your QR code. Show this to the staff member at the My Nintendo stand to receive your pin!

Legend of Zelda Pin:

  1. Hunt down magical instruments hidden around PAX AUS (see hints below!).
  2. When you find these instruments, take a photo/selfie of each one in the iconic pose from the Legend of Zelda series. Say DA-DA-DA-DAAAA!
  3. When you have at least 5 instrument photos, head to The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Photo Op.
  4. Take one final photo at the Photo Op and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #NintendoPAXAUS
  5. Show the staff at the Photo Op all your instrument photos to receive an exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Pin.

Here are the clues for the instruments:

  1. The Plenary Dungeon and main halls are joined together… you can find one near here…
  2. In the Queue Hall… there is a room full of cloaks…
  3. Check Hall 4… where consoles roam free…
  4. In Hall 4… jousts are held frequently at this café…
  5. On the path to the tavern… I wait patiently…
  6. At the Plenary Dungeon… you will pass me near the entrance to the colossal bazaar…
  7. The Plenary Dungeon holds many secrets… some of them out in the open…
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Photo Op is located near Door 3… you can finish your adventure here!
The instruments that you'll be looking for.
These are the instruments that you’ll be looking for.

Relevant Links:

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